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The Top 10 Biopharma Clusters – 2016

We concentrate investing in communities that demonstrate collaboration, an established ecosupport system and solid science. Most who made this list have these traits in common and gained to the Top 10 listed cluster by Gen News. Most saw significant increases in NIH funding (thanks in part to the $2 billion Congressional boost in research funding, […]

The first AC Hotel in the U.S.: A Marriott for Millennials

Originally posted on WGNO:
[ooyala code=”t4aWZucDrox46MsTGJIiUU3EeX4DJk72″ player_id=”1af9f4729c77407baf4796020154bcb6″] NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- The Historic Cotton Exchange Hotel in the Central Business District is getting a make-over. It’ll be the first of it’s kind in the United States. News with a Twist’s Kenny Lopez gets an inside look at the new AC Hotel by Marriott, which is hoping…

Jiff Raises $18 Million Series B To Make Employers’ Digital Health Programs More Personalized

I know tracking our health and wellness through digital health programs or wearable devices is very scary to most — particularly the pre-Baby Boomers generation. The thought that we could be hacked or worst the government could get the information sounds a bit like the “big Brother” has arrived. The reality is that without the […]

Bill Gates blogs about meeting Steve Gleason

Originally posted on WGNO:
(WGNO) – Bill Gates has written a blog about his recent meeting with former Saint Steve Gleason. Earlier this year, Gates took the ALS ice bucket challenge. He then met with Gleason, who has ALS, to brainstorm new ways to improve technology that helps patients live fuller lives. Gleason is working…

Smart Building Technologies Could Expose Companies To A New Breed Of Cyber Attack

As we build smarter buildings, including our homes and the appliances within, we should also investigate and install personalized controls and access points.

BoardRounds Helps Hospitals Follow Up With Patients After They Leave The Emergency Room

Interesting concept but who will pay for the service? Healthcare will at some point move away from emergency care to wellness.

Silicon Valley’s Real Estate Crunch Is A Golden Opportunity For Other American Cities

I agree with the author’s point about Silicon Valley cost structure opens up an opportunity for other cities. In order to win at this game, you need a highly educated workforce, available pool of angel investors and management that can assist in the launch. I am impressed with Denver and their focus on developing a […]