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Can St. Louis become the next tech hub?

St. Louis has all of the ingredients to make it to the next level. Four major universities that are pumping our new technologies in health and bioscience, a willingness to invest in themselves and most important have learned the need to “collaborate.” Advertisements

GEN | Insight & Intelligence™ Identifies Top 10 European Biopharma Clusters

  GEN’s algorithm ranked the top locations that included many of the up-and-coming smaller clusters which are showing major advances. The European cluster building deploys the organizing principle of Subsidiarity, which increases the opportunity for accelerated growth. The closer the governing authority the faster decision process. One notable example was Norway’s Oslo Cancer Cluster which […]

Example Founder Dilution Over Multiple Financing Rounds

Originally posted on David Cummings on Startups:
Continuing with yesterday’s post titled Dilution With Every Round of Financing, it’s instructive to walk through an example as a founder. Before the example, I like to highlight the stories of ultra-successful entrepreneurs that have taken their company public, and the vast majority own less than 20% of…

Meet The Companies Pitching At The Atlanta And New Orleans Meetups

Check out the stellar list of New Orleans Start-ups who pitched their companies to a 400+ crowd of entrepreneurs, VC’s and others.

Innovation Sparks The Redevelopment of Cities Core Areas

Pick up any journal or publication focused on community development and you will find a countless number of articles, reports and studies all speaking to the impact of innovation on economic development. A pattern is emerging from this discussion: Do it or be left behind. But to truly create a nexus or hub there are […]

Dr. Fred Cerise heading to Dallas’ Parkland Hospital

NEW ORLEANS — The former leader of the statewide LSU public hospital system announced he heading to Dallas’ Parkland Memorial Hospital, to become their new Chief Executive Officer. As the leader of LSU’s charity hospital system, with more than 10 hospitals and related clinics, Cerise was also the keeper of the coal mine Canary. He warned of […]

Genomics, Medicine and Economic Development

New Orleans – We recently hosted a dinner with some of the global leaders in human genetic research. The meeting purpose was to begin discussion on: 1) the standardization of genetic; and,  2) the variability of a global human genetics project focused on both healthy populations in the study of population migration. My interest was […]