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NIH Agrees to $1.4 million in Funding for 23andMe

Less than a year since the US Food and Drug Administration ordered 23andMe, the leading personalized genetic testing company to cease and desist in DNA testing without the proper medical protocols, the National Institute of Health (“NIH”) has awarded the company a $1,367,504 for a two-year project to support the further development of 23andMe’s web-based […]

23andMe Ceases Health-Focused Gene Testing, Still Offers Raw Genetic Data And Ancestry Reports

The need for the global research community to standardize their scientific research, where it is to be stored and accessed, and the best applications towards improving care and health outcome is stronger today than ever before. This is especially true after last week’s ruling by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ordering 23andMe to suspend […]

P4 Medicine will improve global health outcomes

P4 Medicine started simply enough as a plan for technology to improve the quality of human life. P4 Medicine is a term coined by biologist Leroy Hood, stands for “Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory Medicine.” It predates Romney Care and Obamacare and emphasizes that one size does not fit all or even most. The need […]

News from BioDistrict New Orleans: 10.16. 2013

Here’s a link to our current newsletter covering a variety of topics about the growth of the healthcare and bioscience industries in New Orleans. News from BioDistrict New Orleans: 10.16. 2013.  

LSUHSC awarded $3 million grant to study effect of HIV-related changes to oral bacteria

Dr. Paul Fidel, the Carl Baldridge Professor and Associate Dean for Research at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans’ School of Dentistry, is the lead principal investigator of a $2.76 million grant from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research over five years to study how HIV and antiretroviral therapy may change communities of […]