TC Cribs: A Stroll Through Shutterstock, Up Sky High In The Empire State Building

Check out the cool spaces or Cribs where the world’s leading technology companies work.

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For today’s episode of Cribs, we crossed the continent and headed to New York City to check out the headquarters of online stock photography powerhouse Shutterstock.

Fittingly, Shutterstock has created its home in one of Manhattan’s most picturesque places, the Empire State Building. The recently renovated office, which takes up two whole floors, puts its own clean and modern spin on the building’s historic Art Deco bones.

Check out the video embedded above to see Shutterstock’s sky high cityscape view, wacky Alice and Wonderland style game room, the secret hidden “Steampunk Library” that I’m told even most Shutterstock staffers aren’t aware exists, and more. As an added bonus, I was even able to squeeze in a workout in the yoga room. All in all, a good visit.

Here are a few photos our team took of Shutterstock HQ:

This episode of Cribs was edited by Yashad…

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