National Health Coordinator Dr. Karen DeSalvo says DX and Health IT industry need to ‘get real for people’


Denver: I agree with National Health Coordinator Dr. DeSalvo that people need to understand the importance of electronic health records and medical data. The US medical community need to get over their fears of using HealthIT or that insurance companies will tell them how to practice medicine — as if the insurance doesn’t already.

In the UK,  Doctors have at the finger tips the full medical history including prescriptions before them as they exam patients. This practice not only reduces costs it also assists in improving health outcomes. Imagine the savings if we have fewer tests ordered and the improvement in care with just a little bit of cross collaborations between practitioner’s.

Americans need to take control of their own records and make sure we know who using them and for what. If not, “Big Bother” will and we will all regret the consequences.

To Read More: Karen DeSalvo: Health IT needs to ‘get real for people’


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