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Court rules in favor of Airbnb, ‘quashes’ New York subpoena

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TC Cribs: A Stroll Through Shutterstock, Up Sky High In The Empire State Building

Check out the cool spaces or Cribs where the world’s leading technology companies work. Please email me photos of your favorite spaces! Jim

Eurovision Song Contest: sustainability a ‘focal point’ for host Copenhagen

Building the sustainable urban environment will not happen by accident. Global leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to discuss strategies for continued expansion and acceleration of the effort. Learn More: Eurovision Song Contest: sustainability a ‘focal point’ for host Copenhagen.

National Health Coordinator Dr. Karen DeSalvo says DX and Health IT industry need to ‘get real for people’

Denver: I agree with National Health Coordinator Dr. DeSalvo that people need to understand the importance of electronic health records and medical data. The US medical community need to get over their fears of using HealthIT or that insurance companies will tell them how to practice medicine — as if the insurance doesn’t already. In the […]

NIH is awarding some mhealth grants: Here’s what they’re looking for

The inevitable use of smartphones and mobile devices are making their way into our every day lives and are helping people manage their health outcomes. The National Institutes of Health has started a new mhealth grants program offering awards of up to $500,000. The NIH is a accepting applications today through May. Technologies that address self management of […]