Talent, trained workforce, critical mass, lifestyle and not tax incentives are the keys to recruiting entrepreneurs!

Smart Investments = life time of returns

Smart Investments = life time of returns

The long-term survival of cities is in recruiting a new generation to take up residence, build businesses and employ more locals. Once their roots are established, we can expect that they will pay taxes on homes, businesses and purchases, have families and begin to support schools and a positive cycle begins anew. That is the cycle that must be renewal or a city begins to decline and will have long tireless discussions on unfunded programs, mounting debt and maybe having to shrink the city [READ: Detroit, Cleveland and New Orleans].

The critical part is whether or not our civic, political and business leadership will understand and quirky pivot from tax incentives to investments in needed infrastructure to insure the city meets the needs for young, very mobile professionals.

Cities like Boston, New York, Denver, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Ontario are moving quickly to meet that challenge.

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