Let’s Go, New Orleans: We Want You At Our Meetup Next Week

We are excited about New Orleans hosting the TechCrunch Meetup and Pitch Off on Thursday, Feb. 20th. from 6:00-10:00 p.m. In the pitch off, local entrepreneurs and SME’s will pitch in front of VC’s and Tech Crunch editors for the chance to win a table at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt SF conference.

Please plan on meeting me there and showing your support our local sponsors Silicon Bayou News, NOLATech Week, Launch Pad and the entire NOLA tech and entrepreneurial community.


Hey, NOLA. What’s up? Listen, we have a problem. While we know that Atlanta is a startup hub and we’re already oversold in Georgia and Charleston, we’re having trouble filling seats in your home town. While we’re happy to come down for some hurricanes and dark and stormys, how about we have a few dozen more people show up? Please, buy your tickets today so we can get an accurate headcount for next week.

These events are part social gathering and part pitch-off competition where startups or makers have 60 seconds to pitch their company or product to local VCs and TechCrunch editors. These products must currently be in stealth or private beta.

Remember, we’ll also have a pitch-off and we’ve already picked 15 great startups. We will have 3-5 judges, including TechCrunch writers and local VCs, who will decide on the winners of the Pitch-off. First place will…

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