Dr. Fred Cerise heading to Dallas’ Parkland Hospital

Dr. Fred Cerise

Dr. Fred Cerise

NEW ORLEANS — The former leader of the statewide LSU public hospital system announced he heading to Dallas’ Parkland Memorial Hospital, to become their new Chief Executive Officer.

As the leader of LSU’s charity hospital system, with more than 10 hospitals and related clinics, Cerise was also the keeper of the coal mine Canary. He warned of the long-term cost and effect on Louisiana’s healthcare system, if we didn’t change the delivery model and payment structure. His vision included the development of the LSU led Academic Medical Center in Shreveport and New Orleans. He fought tirelessly to replace the old Charity hospital building with a modern world-class facility that could attract the world’s leading medical practitioners.

Being the Canary keeper and alerting the other workers and mine owner of impending danger is a thankless job. The Jindal Administration, which has no real plan for Louisiana public healthcare, ousted the outspoken Cerise as he advocated for new solutions to provide improved public health care and increased biomedical research and testing.

In August of 2012, the Jindal administration replaced Dr. Cerise with Dr. Frank Opelka, who immediately struck deals that turned over management of most facilities to outside companies without any commitment to the Affordable Care Act or the funds provided by the Feds as part of its’ implementation.

We thank Dr Cerise for his service to Louisiana and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor.

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