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Y Combinator’s Paul Graham: Get a co-founder

Important words for those thinking about starting up a new business — get a co-founder! Businesses are more likely to succeed with more than one founder, because each co-founder may bring different strengths and energy levels. When one is down the other is likely to be up and serve as a balance for the long […]

Talent, trained workforce, critical mass, lifestyle and not tax incentives are the keys to recruiting entrepreneurs!

The long-term survival of cities is in recruiting a new generation to take up residence, build businesses and employ more locals. Once their roots are established, we can expect that they will pay taxes on homes, businesses and purchases, have families and begin to support schools and a positive cycle begins anew. That is the […]

Meet The Companies Pitching At The Atlanta And New Orleans Meetups

Check out the stellar list of New Orleans Start-ups who pitched their companies to a 400+ crowd of entrepreneurs, VC’s and others.

4 Take-A-ways from the Tech Crunch Meet up in New Orleans

Last night over 400 people turned out for the TechCrunch Meet up in New Orleans @The Republic. The event was slow to build but in the end was a big hit. As expected in any event in NOLA there was a lots of networking, private pitching, and excitement around the developing Tech scene. The ratio of […]

Let’s Go, New Orleans: We Want You At Our Meetup Next Week

We are excited about New Orleans hosting the TechCrunch Meetup and Pitch Off on Thursday, Feb. 20th. from 6:00-10:00 p.m. In the pitch off, local entrepreneurs and SME’s will pitch in front of VC’s and Tech Crunch editors for the chance to win a table at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt SF conference. Please plan on meeting […]

Betting on Teams and Markets

Originally posted on David Cummings on Startups:
On a weekly basis I receive several requests from entrepreneurs to talk about their idea. Typically, I’ll reply back that I’m not a good judge of the quality of an idea and that customer discovery is a much better approach. Rather than discuss ideas, I’m much more interested…

Thanks, New Orleans: The Meetup Is On!

I hope to see you at this event!