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10 Ways to Change the Future Today

We all need to take stock of our daily lives. I enjoy this blog an hope you do too!

H2 Launches Health2Sync, A Tech-Savvy Way To Help Diabetics Manage And Track Their Glucose

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
Today at the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES, H2 debuted its Health2Sync technology, a combination of hardware and software aimed at helping diabetics better manage their glucose levels by providing them with a digital solution to a manual problem. Tracking one’s glucose levels is tedious, and normally done in an analog…

Genomics, Medicine and Economic Development

New Orleans – We recently hosted a dinner with some of the global leaders in human genetic research. The meeting purpose was to begin discussion on: 1) the standardization of genetic; and,  2) the variability of a global human genetics project focused on both healthy populations in the study of population migration. My interest was […]

The Secret to Focusing on What Matters

Give this some thought. It really works! Choosing one word, the right one word made me focus on what is “significant” to attain my life’s goal.