Announcing TechCrunch’s 2014 Pitch-Offs: Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington D.C., NYC, Boston, And LA

New Orleans continues to attract the country’s best. Let’s hope the rules change and the winner’s are selected because of the number and type of local jobs created with in the community


TechCrunch is about to hit the road again. Starting in late February, we’re bringing the magic of our Pitch-Off events to Atlanta and New Orleans. Then, a month later, we’re hitting Washington D.C., New York City, Boston and The City of Angels, Los Angeles. And that’s just for the first half of the year.

Like previous pitch-offs, tickets will be just $5 and grant you access to an evening of pitching, drinking and general tomfoolery, TechCrunch style. And like before, the events will be a boisterous good time.

These meetups have evolved over time. Once just John Biggs and family touring the East Coast in a rented van, these events are now large productions featuring fun interviews and a pitch-off competition involving the best startups in each city. If you’ve attended a previous TC meetup, you’re going to want to come to 2014’s events, too.

Tickets and venues will be…

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