Xavier University of Louisiana to Host First Clinical Psy.D. Program in the State Launched by The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology

New Orleans – Xavier University of Louisiana and the Chicago School of Professional have reached a formal agreement to launch a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) Program starting in the Fall 2014. The Program, if approved by the LA Board Of Regents, will be the first of its kind offered in Louisiana.

There has been a great need for mental health service providers is well documented following Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill. Many mental health professionals left the region after the storm, and the City of New Orleans is slowly rebuilding its mental health infrastructure. The training of culturally competent practitioners who intend to practice locally is critical to meeting the needs of those with mental health and behavioral health issues. The new program opens the door to well-qualified candidates from Xavier and other universities in the New Orleans region seeking clinical psychology graduate studies. The Chicago School is very familiar with the quality of Xavier students. In the past three years nine Xavier graduates have entered graduate programs at TCSPP across its three campuses.

“It is no secret that the mental health service needs in this region, as well as throughout this country, are great,” said Dr. Francis. “Through this doctoral program in Clinical Psychology, we hope to address some of those needs by providing new, young professionals with the finest undergraduate and graduate psychology training experience possible right here in New Orleans. “We foresee this collaboration as being one of mutual benefit to both Xavier and The Chicago School of Psychology, as well as to our respective communities,” he added.

“The Chicago School’s groundbreaking approach to the training and practice of psychology through its Engaged-Profession model will enable Xavier graduates to begin the work at hand of rebuilding the mental health programs of the City and its regional areas. We are excited to bring this much-needed Doctoral in Clinical Psychology to the students at Xavier University,” stated Dr. Nealon-Woods.



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