Fred Wilson On Bitcoin, Unbundling, Data Leakage And Health Care

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During the 10th edition of the LeWeb conference in Paris today, New York-based investor Fred Wilson explained the “mega trends” that currently influence which companies he invests in.

Wilson stressed that he doesn’t so much look at technologies but at the trends that are influencing society in general. This way, he can build a framework that helps him to “think about what are the big opportunities that will present themselves.”

The first macro trend, Wilson said, is the transition from slow bureaucratic hierarchies to technology-driven networks. In his view, the old top-down hierarchies worked, but in today’s post-industrial world, they are just not efficient enough.

The first place we saw this trend was media, but we are now also seeing it in other places, too, with Airbnb and hotels, for example, and in creative industries thanks to Kickstarter or learning through Codecademy and Duolingo.

photo (9)The second trend, according to…

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