23andMe Ceases Health-Focused Gene Testing, Still Offers Raw Genetic Data And Ancestry Reports

The need for the global research community to standardize their scientific research, where it is to be stored and accessed, and the best applications towards improving care and health outcome is stronger today than ever before.
This is especially true after last week’s ruling by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ordering 23andMe to suspend use of its at-home gene testing kits, based on the government’s belief that it constitutes a medical device and thus requires further examination and testing before it can be sold. 23andMe followed up that bombshell with the news that it would be working with the FDA to try to resolve the issue, and as a next step it will stop health-related testing altogether. Purely by coincidence, a global of geneticists we meeting in New Orleans to discuss how to go about establishing standards around their research to head off a similar governmental reaction to their work.


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