Kristin Palmer’s decision not to run is a refreshing change from politics as usual

I agree. I think we need to take back government by having more “citizen politicians” interested in doing what’s best for the community. We see too many that make decisions based on what is best for their career.


Kristin Gisleson Palmer has decided not to run for re-election for Council District Seat C. She is the incumbent and would most likely be the favorite to retake that seat. Gisleson Palmer has decided to tend to her family, specifically wanting to spend more time with her daughters.

In a land of career politicians, Gisleson Palmer’s move is quite refreshing. Like her or not, republican or democrat, black or white, man or woman, you’ve got to be impressed with her decision.

Gisleson Palmer, unlike most area politicians, gets it. Politics are supposed to be a temporary thing. A personal sacrifice, a civic duty; not a power play or money grab.

For far too long we’ve accepted career politicians in our state as the norm. Politics has become a “job” for many in Louisiana, a way for some to set up friends and family when it supposed to be about us.

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