LSUHSC’S OCHOA 1 of 10 chosen by NIH director for Transformative Research Award

Congratulations to Dr. Ochoa and his team for being selected for this prestigious award as a national leader in cancer research.

This award acknowledges the cutting edge research that is taking place at the university members of  the BioDistrict. Knowledge based economic development begins with research and the teams that are formed to conduct the various activities and ends with local employment within the support infrastructure. The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) estimates that 5.3 new jobs are created for each research team member — everyone benefits.

The grant will fund a research team including LSUHSC’s Dr. Ochoa and Dr. Paulo Rodriguez, leaders in the field of immunology, chronic inflammation and immunotherapy, and Dr. James Hill and Dr. Timothy Foster, experts in ophthalmology and virology, as well as scientists with expertise in cancer immunotherapies and pulmonary infections from the Medical College of Georgia and the University of Tennessee.

Additionally, this award will create two new postdoctoral positions at LSUHSC and will support the training and mentorship of junior scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students.

LSUHSC’S OCHOA 1 of 10 chosen by NIH director for Transformative Research Award.

An example to the Research Team Structure:

Not Shown are the 115 support jobs wit starting salaries of $32,000 per year based on certificate level training.


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