More positive impacts of Life Science

Don Van Dyke

at Altograph, Inc.


More positive impacts of efficiently promoting Life Science – – the bright spot among i  ndustrial sectors. I hope you have a moment to rea  d this. As mentioned last time, cities, states and world governments all want new Life Science investment and follow-on organic growth in the sector.
What Makes Life Science Attractive?

Economic Insensitivity
o Life Science added 96,000 jobs in the USA from 2001 through 2010, a jump of 6.4 percent.
o The U.S. economy lost about 3.6 million private-sector jobs in that time, a decline of about 3 percent, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Favorable Demographics
o The educated workforce in catalyzes cultural growth and adds prestige to the location.

Unique Catalyst to Economic Growth
o Private service providers such as legal and accounting
o Public growth from the increased tax base and high-paid workforce

When targeting companies for local investment, everyone knows who the large players are but that is not where the growth is taking place. In fact, the largest firms are shedding jobs and even closing locations. Gaining access to the companies that are actually growing is our specialty at Altograph.


Thanks Do for sharing your insight.


James P


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