Are we building for a lasting future or just building?

Seth Godin asks a serious question that directly connects to our current activities to create an environment where the Innovation economy can flourish. We have enough university based bioscience research to become a global hub that attracts new investment. The key part of the equation is producing a skilled workforce in sufficient quantities to insure NOLA’s long term growth. If we invest in the planned Downtown Health Campus connecting the Math & Science High school with Delgado and additional undergraduate programming to our existing grad level base — then we are building to last. It is in this type of environment that open innovation occurs and new employers are attracted. That’s what Silicon Valley, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia and other successful winning cities have done. The others or losers list is much too long to begin to cite but begins with Detroit, which heretofore has failed to connect. They are learning and will one day be mentioned in the positive category. Will New Orleans?

That will be the difference as to whether or not we truly take advantage of our current opportunity.

Seth’s Blog: What works?.


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